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Here you may enter your dog in the Small Dog Pet database! Now everybody else in the world can “ooh and aah” over your perky puppy! If you have more than two dogs, feel free to upload photos/details in a separate submission. We’d like to hear about the whole pack.

If your dog’s breed is not listed in the pull-down menu, please type it in the textbox below the pull-down menu. Additionally, if your breed has color variations (brindle, black, yellow, brown, etc.) please just use the breed name—i.e.: Labrador retriever, not Black Labrador Retriever.

If you would like your pet to receive a birthday e-card, select the month and date of your pet’s birthday or adoption date, and when the date comes up, the email address you’ve provided will receive a Happy Birth/Adoption Day Greeting for your pet. [Please note your email will never be sold to any other company. Read through our privacy policy if you have any concerns.]

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