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Dog Friend #1

dog friend
Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Oscar N/A Great Dane / Pitt Bull
Maddie N/A
Marlow N/A Dachshund
Maren Britt Eliason writes:

The picture of two dogs is of Maddie and Marlow. Maddie is an old woman of 12 1/2 years, stone deaf now but still sweet and faithful as ever.

Marlow is the little brown dog, a longhaired dachshund mix and a true Smalldog... with the attitude of a very large dog.

The black and white dog in the clover is Oscar, the baby. He's 1 1/2 and is a Pit Bull/ Great Dane mix. We think he's a Pit Bull sized Great Dane because he has the sweetest temperament we've ever seen.

Pablo is the other large dog... the big Poodle. He's a Standard Poodle and weighs almost 60 lbs. That's one big Poodle!


Maren Britt Eliason