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Dog Friend #1112

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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Roo 11/15 Mutt
Richard O'Regan writes:

Roo (on the right) is a foundling. She was having a bad time of it on the streets of Brooklyn. She lives in Manhattan now and likes it better there.

At the time the photo was taken, she and companion (mixed breed Irish/Hungarian newshound, L) were in Lake George, NY. Roo is equally unhappy about travelling by motorcycle. For bike journeys, she rides in a converted Macintosh backpack (the SE30 was retired). Being treated as luggage is, to her way of thinking, undignified. Before submitting to being loaded into the pack, she acts out alternate scenarios. What if I stay here and nap? How about if I just sit on the pillion? Have you considered taking the car?) Since the kayak was a new wrinkle in her world-view, she decided to swim for it about 1 min later.