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Dog Friend #114

dog friend
Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Suzy N/A Jack Russell Terrier
Sam N/A Whippet / Chihuahua
Richard writes:

Hi My name is Richard and our 2 dogs are Suzy and Sam.
Sam is the fawn whippet cross chihuahua closest to the
camera and Suzy is a Jack Russell terrier in the
background. Suzy was an 11th birthday present
for our son Matthew who is now almost nineteen.
When we picked her up as a puppy she could barely
walk for fleas! It took us months to rid her and our
cat Floyd of them. Floyd our cat was named after
the gangster Pretty Boy Floyd as he would have taken
on a charging bull elephant if he had put his mind
to it. As time does it took its toll of Floyd and we
had to put him down when cancer spread to his jaw and
he could not eat ,we all cried and Suzy was lonely
so we began the search for a companion for her. We
tried Animal A id and Blue Cross, they only had large
dogs which we don't have the yard space for. Then we
saw an article in the local newspaper about a dog
called Elvis who would have to be put down if a home
could not be found for him. He happened to be at our
Veterinarians so we went to see him. Our Vet told us
his story. Elvis was, he guessed, about twelve months
old and had been brought into his clinic about six
weeks before after having been hit by a car. His pelvis
was crushed and both back legs broken. The Vet had
repaired the damage, fed and cared for him and
advertised for the owner, but now found that pressure
on his clinics' facilities would soon force him to an
unpleasant decision. Elvis was unsteady on his legs
and thin and very woebegone but his eyes told us
that we were for him. Our Vet desexed him and gave
him the necessary vaccinations without cost to us
and a couple of days later we took Elvis home. The
Vet had called him Elvis because of his injuries
and on his appointment card at the clinic he is called
Elvis /Sam. He is now a vital part our home and he and Suzy
are inseparable.

Regard to all Richard