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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
The Tank 12/01 French Bulldog
Squish 07/19 French Bulldog
Bette and Manda writes:

Built rather like a meatloaf, Tank dances on his hind legs, defying all laws of gravity...especially those that apply to meatloaves. He is an excellent therapy dog for the Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, and makes himself useful several times a month by coaxing less fortunate folks to laugh at his silliness. Tank is a fabulous dresser, and always manages to look jaunty -- especially when he sports his Maine fisherman's hat. Cowboy Squish would rather be ridin' the range, but since there ain't none where he lives, he'll settle for gettin' old folks all to hootin' and hollerin' when he visits them yonder. Squish is tryin' to figure out how in tarnation he can hide some treats right up there in his 10 cup hat. Also a Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dog, Squish is right proud of the healing work he did after Sept. 11 at the Red Cross WTC Family Assistance Center.

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