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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Ellie 08/11 American Eskimo
Dan and Toni Horodysky writes:

Crystal was American Eskimo mix - she was a GEM. After she passed we found Ellie at Central Coast Northern Dog Rescue - their web site: - She is training us to her liking. Ellie is a great watch dog! Watches us every minute! A con artist! Goes one speed, fast! very intelligent, a fast learner. No wonder they are called Heart Bandits. Ellie, Movie Star appearing in the Horror Video Movie "Tele-Zombie" Clips from the movie: and what she become after drinking a poison potion - Note: That Chinese Crested appeared on Jay Leno Tonight Show as the Ugliest Dog in the World. Ellie will demand equal time with Jay Leno to push her movie. Ellie in a professional publicity photo Autographed 8 by 10 color photos available - only one dollar plus twenty-nine dollars for shipping and handling (goes to her cookie treats fund.) - only kidding! Bio: Adopted 2001 from Central Coast Northern Dog Rescue - She keeps a constant watch on us, her house, yard, and car. Ellie had 4 "owners" before us - we believe she plans to stay as she has us sufficiently well trained. We thank all her previous owners for giving her up. She is a character who is fun and funny. A real Gem! Dan and Toni Horodysky - American Merchant Marine at War - P.S. Ain't easy living with a Movie Star!