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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Bristol 03/12 Chow Chow / Collie
Kelly Thomas writes:

Bristol was named by flipping through a book called Chapmans Piloting. It's the boating bible and it's big. I found bristol in the glossary, which in nautical terms means ship shape or the best. After 14 years she has turned out to be the best dog in the world. She has never chewed up anything except the handle on my old roomates lazy boy, she rarely barks, does not demand attention, jump on furniture or people. Little kids can pull her ears off and she's ok with that, too.

Bristol loves to chase rabbits and cats out of our backyard and is always ready for a ride in the convertible. When she's not snoozing in her flower box, she's checking her email on her mac. Oh, and she has black spots on her tongue like she's been chewing on some ink pen.

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