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Gaia 09/14 German Shepherd Dog
Thea Churchill writes:

Gaia ("the-pretty-lil'-miz-Gaia-gurl") came to us at seven-ish months old through my having joined the chat board to learn more about my favorite breed. We decided (OK! I decided and my husband relented!) to look for a companion for our Oskar, and knew it would have to be a special dog to fit in with our family - cats and small children aren't always readily adaptable to new family members!

As it turned out Gaia seemed to want a family with kitties to clean and small children to love! Gaia's temperament is SO good we are looking forward to doing Therapy Dog work with her when she is completely out of her puppy-stage, she adores everybody she meets and is an enthusiastic cuddler! Gaia is an amazing creature in and out; I am constantly awed by her impish intelligence, dainty and graceful beauty and her gentle sweetness.

There's a good reason Gaia is even-more-so incredible - you see, I've met all sorts of WONDERFUL people on that chat board and one of the kind ladies there found Gaia at a shelter near Atlanta, GA and pulled her just a day before she was to be put to sleep! Sadly, Gaia was there because she was confiscated with other dogs in a severe neglect/abuse situation - up till her foster-mom Gaia had spent her the whole of her short life so far in a cage at a shelter or tied up outside in the GA heat - even more sadly, this is all too common. Yet another wonderful member of that board took a marathon trip over a weekend from their home in CT to GA and back to adopt a dog for themselves and to transport three others for families in New England - WOW!!! Angels all of them!

Because of her I tell everyone I possibly can: "avoid puppy mills and back yard breeders - ADOPT!!!" PetFinder.Org is a great start if you don't know the shelters nearby, and if you want a specific breed of dog there are breed-specific rescue organizations all over the country - doing a web search is a really good start!!!

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