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dog friend
Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Snoopie 09/13 Terrier / Beagle
Libby 05/05 Chow Chow / Labrador Retriever
debi horvath writes:

Snoopie is very easy-going and laid back (and the best dog ever!). He loves all dogs and people. If you need a friend, you have one in Snoopie. During an 18 hour road trip from Boston to Milwaukee, his patience was tested when he had to share the backseat with my sister's 85lb Libby and other dog Jazze (not shown because she was laying across the backseat comfortably). As you can see, these backseat drivers battled for a view between the seats...... almost the entire 18 hours. If only either one could drive.
Debi Horvath

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dog friend
dog friend