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Bubba 11/25 Cat
susan freiberg writes:

My dog is a cat. We found each other in a car wash one dark and snowy night on a Thanksgiving weekend. My friend and I had pulled into the car wash because it was a lighted and sheltered place where we could tie on the windshield wiper blade that was about to fly off in the storm. While digging around in the back of the truck for baling twine I knew was there, I heard a loud mewing of a kitten. He'd been abandoned there a few days before, according to a grizzled grumpy old man who was the manager, and who didn't care a wit about this starving little creature. Bubbs has not starved a day since, and that has been almost 14 years. He now likes to keep his head warm under the lamp by my computers. He is highly amusing and makes me laugh.