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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
doghnut 12/18 Saluki
FilFil 03/21 Saluki
olivia prehn writes:

We own 8 salukis from 2 to 14 years old, Doghnut(D?del), his mother Califah(Calli), his aunt Begum (Gymmi), his wife Hosnia(Hose), their son FilFil(Filip) and her sons from another father El Sheik(Sheiki) and Gil(Giliman). And last but not least our youngest Bitch from the kennel El Mahbub, Persia (P?mmel), also nearly 2 years old.

Filip, Sheik, Gil and P?m go to racetrack and coursing - here in Germany there is no chance for winning something with dograces - its just for the fun of the dogs. The boys and girls fullfill our life and they are more than friends...

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dog friend