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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Frasier 05/17 Jack Russell Terrier
Barbara Phillippi writes:

Frasier was found abandoned in a State Forest in rural upstate New York. It took us 2 days to catch him; although he stayed at the spot where his master had dumped him from a vehicle, he took off running each time we approached. His hunger finally got the best of him, and we were able to get him and bring him home. After advertising without results in both Buffalo and Rochester area papers, and in local Pennysavers, we were delighted to say, "He's ours!"

He had some serious issues, one of which was his age, 3 years old, and no clue about housebreaking. He was also cat apprehensive, but we managed to take care of those and other less sensitive problems. Fortunately, we have other JRT's in our extended family, and we were able to understand his needs and Energizer Bunny personality.

That same year, my husband became gravely ill, and had three brain surgeries in the next 6 months. Frasier spent hours on his lap in the old recliner while he recovered, never leaving his side except when called to go out. We call him "God's dog," because he came to us so unexpectedly, just when we needed some diversion and humor in our senior years. Who's to say that God doesn't have a lighter side which appreciates this nuttsy breed, and that he/she didn't send him?

Barbara Phillippi

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