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Lucy N/A Jack Russell Terrier
Nope writes:

This is Lucy the Jack Russell Terrier. She is the best little dog I know
(tho I may be a bit biast). She always wants to be where her people are,
and communicates quite effectively her dissapointment when they leave.
Lucy warmly welcomed my wife Wendy into our pack when we were married,
and we can't wait to see how she takes to our little one on the way.

Whenever we go to the beach, she is always terribly interested and
concerned with the children playing and digging in the sand by the
water's edge. I never thought a small dog would learn to appreciate
water as much as Lucy does... Sometimes we have to physically carry her

Before Lucy decided to come live with me, I had always heard how hyper
and how much trouble Jack Russells can be. And while Lucy is very
energetic and has destroyed her share of personal property, I wouldn't
let her go for the world.

Thanks for listening...