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Dog Friend #2321

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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Sox 07/12 Jack Russell Terrier / Chihuahua
Two 11/07 Jack Russell Terrier / Chihuahua
Ismael Zavala writes:

Sox (black w/white chest and paws) is Two's older brother by 1 litter, even though Two is a little bigger. Sox is more of a laid back ''I might do a trick for a treat'' kinda dog. Two (looks like his mom hence the name 2) is much more upbeat and more of a chases his tail kinda dog. We own the mom (Lucky; looks like a mini cow after having so many litters), she's the old lady of the house. She is half chihuahua and half Jack Russell and the Father (Whiskey; Tan) which we also own is full Chihuahua. Lucky just had her final litter and is getting fixed soon because she had complications leaving her in bad health and unable to feed. I will try and post a picture of the puppy that my step dad will be taking w/him to Texas.