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Axel Oxenstierna 10/10 Alaskan Malamute / German Shepherd Dog
Bill Stivers, Jr. writes:

Axel came to me as a happy accident when I was in the process of hunting for an ultra-spiff German-lined, fully pedigreed German Shepherd pup. Waiting lists were long, and the glumness of going without a pup was weighing heavy. Little did I know when "settled" for a mutt how sweet and well-disposed he was. :) As you can see, he has something of an overdramatic emo gothboiish kind of streak to him. I still love him anyway, even though he is a little 4-legged canine drama queen.

He's not really "small" in the conventional sense of the word- but somehow still manages to find a way to perch himself in my lap even so. He's very displeased about my ongoing affair with a 2005 Powerbook G4 12". Several times he's attempted to displace and destroy his rival.. I figure eventually he'll succeed. I will love him anyway.

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