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Dan Foshee writes:

I am so proud of The Boy (one of Thunder's many nicknames)!! Here you see him in a rare state of rest. It's quite a different view (though no less impressive) when he's in the Obedience Ring. He is a joy to work with, even more so considering his background.

Thunder is a rescued dog. His previous owner, unable to keep Thunder from killing rabbits (a bad thing if you live near a rabbit farm), shot him in the back of the head at near point-blank range with a .22 caliber pistol, then left him for dead in the back of a shed, for 3 days. The sister-in-law took him to an animal shelter, where he stayed for a little over a year, before he and I became acquainted. He has since been very socialized, is a robust 85# (he was 55# when I got him), and is one of the hardest working GSDs you will ever meet. He's also never even looked at a rabbit since, even when I took him to the rabbit pen at the County Fair.

We just completed the requirements for his AKC Companion Dog-eXcellent, or CDX, title, with a nice run of two 1st places, and a 3rd place (average score 194.5 out of 200). This continues a run of 7 shows, 7 placements in the Novice-A class. He also has a UKC U-CD, and has but one more leg to get on his U-CDX. We now begin the arduous task of Utility class Thanks for the opportunity to brag about my favorite boy!!

Dan Foshee (UCD) Thunder From Dusk-Till-Dawn CDX