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Ali (a.k.a Aloha) 06/14 Maltese
Dusty Lynn Gabay writes:

Ali is a little big to be a full on Maltese, and no one knows where the blue eyes came from either? Ali was rescued from the PERERA (DOG POUND in spanish?) down in Tijajauna MEX. She was just about to be electrocuted, when this really great rescue group called saved her and brought her back to the US.

I have had her now for two blissful years, and it is amazing how wonderful, and calm this lil one is. Ali is about 18 lbs. and has a black spot on her back where hair will never grow, because someone burned her in MEX. I think it is cute, and makes for a great "love pat" spot. She is a celebrity around my street, just because she loves everyone, and "cats" and is so calm.

Rescue/shelter animals make great companions. They are usualy so happy to have a good home they just want to make their people very happy.

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dog friend