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Pochan 10/10 Rat Terrier
Mark Walsh writes:

Pochan is an American Rat Terrier Type B (shorter legs) We found him online at Tiny Dancer Kennels in North Carolina. He's a great pup. Full of energy and a good sense of doggie humor. He has a best friend, a Cairn Terrier named Elvis, who he loves to knock over and tug on his whiskers. He needs to go for a 1 hour walk at least once or twice a day and still needs a long session of ball throwing when he gets home. He steals the blankets and bravely protects my wife from evil skateboards and wheeled luggage. Once he met Ken Kauppi's Greyhound Rupert here in a CA backyard and Rupert was amazingly tolerant of his obnoxious, "little-dog" style which really speaks well of Rupert's personality. Rupert's great.

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