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Coco N/A Mutt
Jack Bond writes:

Wednesday, January 31, 2001 4:54 PM

This is our wonderful companion Coco. Representing the finest her breed has to offer (American Knucklehead Terrier) Coco is really a Pointer mix. She spends most of her time teaching the family things about ourselves that we didn't realize. This flies in the face of the traditional convention, "Dogs know things but can't tell us" and Coco has mastered the dog to human interface quite well.

Rescued as a very young puppy from abusive owners, Coco has blossomed into the ideal family dog. Weighing a mere 30 lbs., Coco keeps herself trim by barking at cars going by outside and running in her yard. Her nickname is "Dog Barker" and she does occasionally live up to that name, but we don't mind, cause her bark is worse than her bite (she's never bitten a soul) but strangers don't know that, and that's fine with us. After a tough afternoon of barking, Coco likes to be taken for walks up the hill, and even occasionally runs into her K 9 neighbors, Megan, Alice, Emma and Endo. As you can see from the picture, Coco is an albino with one brown eye and one blue. She's always careful to put doggy sun screen on her nose and never forgets her shades on particularly bright sunny California days.

Sure, purebreds are nice, and certainly a dog of any kind can become a remarkable part of the family, but remember, the Humane Society has many wonderful animals just looking for the chance to teach you something..................wouldn't it be a shame not to give them the chance. Coco is living proof, blessings come from unexpected places, and around here, that's a two way street.

Thanks Coco!!