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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
minnie moo gallagher 09/13 Rat Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier
bandit boo gallagher 09/13 Rat Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier
allyson gallagher and meaghan gallagher writes:

Well about in May 2007 my family lost our girl geni.Her skin was covering her air tube. So had to put her to sleep and well scents that day our other dog shadow has change so much. He was hiper before but not now he is mellow and very different.

Well at that time we had Shadow and Scampers(our rabbit). Well on Sep.13,2007 life change in a great way. We got minnie and bandit.We thought we would only get one dog. But then ended up getting 2 crazy puppies.We love them to death. Scampers died November 13,2007.He ate bad hay from petco and died the next day.It was so sad to had 2 die in the same year. R.I.P. Geni and Scampers.

Well the puppies enjoy the desert,the lake,rides in the car,and well our backyard. Our family loves the animals in our life!

by:Allyson Gallagher

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dog friend
dog friend