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Left to right: Lily, Charlie, Ginger N/A
Tod Roberts writes:

Ginger is a registered Rhodesian Ridgeback, 10 years old; Charlie (age 2-3) is a Ridgeback mix (or, in
Missouri, a Ridgeback); Lily (age 1-2) is a mix of English setter and stand-up comic (maybe George Burns?).
These three rescue dogs are different in dogonality but all protective, affectionate, smart, and manipulative. I
am with them most of the time because I teach online college courses out of my home office, using my Mac
PowerBook and several supplies from Thanks for inviting us to contribute pictures and words
about our not-small-but-still-great dogs. (Our other two dogs, now deceased, are #64, Jack Daniels, and
#307, Tato. They are fondly remembered in my family and on your website.)