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Denali N/A Jack Russell Terrier
Sheila Foster writes:

Tue, 5 Feb 2002 18:21:26 -0500

Denali loves the water and swims when ever she can. Naturally not with glasses but just as joke is wearing glasses. Mark is a cancer survivor, was travelling out west to ski. She is now my dog because she would escape and get picked up for running off. It became expensive so now with an invisible fence she stays home. We go for walks and to agility classes. When I ask her into the bathroom for her bath she knows she is going to work, just jumps in.

We go to Nursing homes where everybody loves her. Some people talk to her
where they don't otherwise talk at all. She makes a difference. Because she is a Jack Russell has lots of energy and willing to visit everybody. The other photo is one of her favorite people.

Love your site I love my Mac G4.
Sheila Foster