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Marykay Dudek writes:

Wed, 17 Jul 2002 19:27:06 -0700

This is Jo -white fuzzy and Bennie-tan smooth. We are unsure of the heritage of either. Jo was given to my husband 12 years age as a nine month old. She is getting a little old now and slow, but used to love to go hunting, with or without her master and a gun. She resembles the white fuzzy dogs at small dogs but much larger Bennie is a foundling - our new black dog.

My former dog. lab and pitbull got CHF at age 12 and we lost him. We have a store down the road where the owners are dog people for sure. Nadine says this little pup "wandered up" but I think people dump dogs on their doorstep. Anyway, she called and tried to get my husband to come get him for me. He said he wouldn't dare and gave the phone to me and as I had made a foolish statement that I wasn't ready for a new dog, if god sent one I guess I'd take it. Though not religious, I felt that I said it so had to take him. The first time the
gas co. man came he asked who he was and said "Oh, the New Black dog"

So he has been known as that ever since. As near as we can tell he is Lab,
Bulldog and some kind of hound (by the sounds he makes) and has turned
out to a great dog. He is now 4 years old. Jo raised him from the puppy she was but stopped guarding the livestock when she began to slow down so he didn't quite learn all he could have from her. He swims every day in the "hog waller" and is generally a happy kind of guy..

Marykay Dudek