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Dog Friend #75

dog friend
Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Zoe N/A Greyhound
hershey N/A Labrador Retriever / Border Collie
Holly Martin writes:

Subject: Zoe & Hershey
Date: 10/22/98 16:57
Received: 10/23/98 8:22
From: Holly Martin,

Zoe is a silver brindle greyhound, rescued from a short and unsuccessful
racing career at age 2-1/2. She is now 7 years old and enjoys food,
stalking squirrels, food, sleeping, food, chasing the cats, food, and that order. She is a regular blood donor at the Dove Lewis
Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland, OR.

Hershey (named for white chocolate, of course!) is a 6-yr old mixed
breed...probably lab, retriever, and border collie. She loves chasing her
'indestructible' red soccer ball, although her true passion is interrupting
Zoe's predator activities by chasing off whatever small animals Zoe has
targeted for capture.

Much to our relief, Hershey is quite successful at this task and only one
squirrel in three years has fallen victim, principally because he fell
directly from a branch onto Zoe's head. While the squirrel did succumb to
his injuries, Zoe also suffered several deep scratches and, amazingly
enough, has never caught up with another squirrel since!

Life would be VERY boring without these two friends....