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Divot N/A Norwich Terrier
Barbara Huffman writes:

Tue Feb 18, 2003 11:53:16 AM US/Eastern

My husband just sent me the link to your site. We are a Mac family and currently have 4 Macs. We are also a "small dog" family. We have 2 Norwich Terriers named Nigel and Divot, both are almost 5 years old.

I am sending you three photos of Divot, who just happens to LOVE Macs! She is fascinated by my computers and doesn't miss a chance to see what's going on.

In this first photo she was introduced to a grape iMac 2 years ago. My husband had to hold her back because she was trying to lick the screen. Even she knows Macs are SWEET! After that she obsessed about it and would sit at the desk staring up toward the computer wanting to see more.

In the third one, she (and I have) graduated to an iBook and the appreciation of innovation and beauty continues....

Thought you might enjoy seeing these!

Barbara Huffman