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Kairi Glenn N/A Dachshund / Beagle
Joshua A. Glenn writes:

I was a cat person growing up, but when I married a cat-allergic person last October, that officially came to an end. She was a PC user too, but I wasn't going to give up all my principles. We adopted Kairi in February from Lost Dog Rescue in Northern VA ( and have had heaps of fun teaching her tricks and watching her grow. We adopted her under the breed "Dachshund/Beagle Mix," but all the neighbors and even strangers love telling us what breeds she must really be. In April, when Kate's iBook arrived (yep, she wised up), Kairi was all sorts of excited. Yes, she was mostly excited about the cardboard box, but I knew we had chosen the right dog when she loved the box containing Apple computer products! And the plastic package containing the laptop pad has provided months of entertainment! (no worries, whenever she gets a little piece off, we take it and throw it away) I took this picture mainly as a joke, but when we got it developed, we thought you would enjoy the picture as well as the free advertising we have been giving as we show this picture to everyone. And if you look, the computer is happily placed next to Kate's comfy chair instead of fixed to a computer desk thanks to the Airport that came with the iBook! Smalldoggin' it in the DC Metro, Josh Glenn