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Ships Friday, 1/24

Ships Friday, 1/24


EarthTrust Donation

Earthtrust is an international nonprofit organization which holds funds in trust for the earth, adhering to high standards of accountability and donor-direction of assets.

The organizational concept of Earthtrust is high tech rather than high overhead. To provide representation from environmental crisis areas around the world, Earthtrust is connected via telephone, computer, fax, and other methods of electronic communication, forming a global network. This makes it possible for projects to be undertaken on much smaller budgets, and eliminates the need for a network of large offices.

The program philosophy of Earthtrust is to involve small groups of highly capable people in positive, innovative projects aimed at resolving wildlife crisis situations. These projects are centrally planned by the Earthtrust Board, with a global overview; to educate the world public and to set in motion events which can defuse the crisis. These often include actively intervening on behalf of threatened species. Earthtrust’s sophisticated use of video and photographic images allows this world public to bear witness to such wildlife crises.

Earthtrust believes that any long-term protection of wildlife must realistically deal with business economics on an international level. When possible, Earthtrust sets up programs which allow corporations to aid the work of protecting wildlife.

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