Small Dog Speaks Radio
Aired from March 2012 until April 2015

Every Thursday on WDEV, Emily and Don would host "Small Dog Speaks," a live call-in show. What did they talk about? Anything from technology, to Vermont, to dogs and beyond.

Small Dog Speaks Audio Archives

04/02/2015: Will, Emily, and Don kick off the celebration of Small Dog's 20th year!
03/26/2015: Will and Emily talk about everything small dog has in stock to get you ready for Spring.
03/19/2015: Will chats about some new Apple watch updates, while Emily talks about our Spring specials happening now. Perfect for camping!
03/12/2015: Listen to a short recap of all the announcements Apple made last week at the Spring Forward event including the new 12 inch MacBook.
03/05/2015: Will and Emily chat about Daylight savings time, and Apple's Spring Forward event.
02/26/2015: Will and Patrick talk answer questions about photography on your iPhone, and more.
02/19/2015: Will and Rob talk about consulting solutions.
02/12/2015: Will and Emily introduce the Kwikset, the Bluetooth Electronic Lock
01/29/2015: Emily and Will answer the mystery behind sharing an Apple ID, and talk about how Apple Thwacked the streets!
01/22/2015: Emily and Will answering questions about all things Apple
01/15/2015: Will and Emily are back again with Don on call who talks about CES 2015 and all the new technology we'll see.
01/06/2015: Emily and Will chat about the Holidays, and the AWESOME gifts, and new technology of 2015!
12/18/2014: Will and Emily talk about the holiday's again and all our specials
12/04/2014: Will and Emily talk about the aftermath of "black friday"
11/20/2014: Will and Emily talk about the holiday's and all our specials
11/13/2014: Will and Emily chat about the Emily's Key West store visit.
11/06/2014: Will and Johnny take the mic today, and chat about our whole sale products Hammerhead, and Chill Pill.
10/30/2014: Will and Emily welcome the new Marketing Department!
10/23/2014: Will and Emily chat about going hands-free while driving.
10/14/2014: Don and Emily wait patiently for the next Apple software update!
10/09/2014: Don and Emily chat about Domestic Violence Awareness Participation
10/02/2014: Will and Emily chat about going hands-free
09/25/2014: Don and Emily wait patiently for the next Apple software update!
09/18/2014: Don and Emily chat about alternatives to the mac keyboard.
09/11/2014: Don and Emily talk about the new Apple Watch!
09/04/2014: Don and Emily chat about some new Apple product rumors.
08/21/2014: Don and Emily are on the show chattin' about the recent events with racism and some Apple news!
08/14/2014: Don and Hapy are on the show today to talk about Apple, sports and pups!
08/07/2014: Don and Emily chat about what you need to head back to class successfully!
07/31/2014: Don, Hapy, and Emily are on the show talking about retina displays, as well as the Dog Day's of Summer Deals!
07/17/2014: ...And we're back for another episode of Small Dog Speaks!.
07/10/2014: Don and Emily chat about the latest Apple/IBM partnership.
07/03/2014: Don and Emily chat about the weather, cats, dogs and Macs!
06/26/2014: Don and Emily chat about technology and other important business.
06/19/2014: Don and Emily are back to take your calls and questions.
06/12/2014: Don and Emily try and persuade Morgan to come on the show sometime.
06/05/2014: Kali joins Emily and Don to answer this week's questions!
05/29/2014: Emily and Don talk about upcoming WWDC news.
05/22/2014: Don and Emily chat about some awesome Dads & Grads specials we've got happening.
05/08/2014: Don is back! Joining Emily after a long time away in Key West...
04/24/2014: Emily is joined by Mike D. today to talk about old iMacs, cameras for watching your kids & more!
04/17/2014: We've got Steven, Chris & Mike D. for a fun-filled, Apple nerd-fest!
04/10/2014: Emily & Steven are back for Steven's second to last show.
04/03/2014: Two techs, lots of knowledge! Chris joins Steven for a fun-filled show!
03/27/2014: Emily is back this week with Steven to answer all the questions!
03/20/2014: Mike D and Steven man the show this week!
03/13/2014: Emily and Steven brave the snow to do the show!
03/06/2014: Emily and Steven are on to talk about embarrassing mistakes they've made with their Apple products!
02/27/2014: Don, Emily and Steven take calls and answer your questions.
02/20/2014: Don, Emily and Steven discuss Mavericks, WhatsApp and all the snow.
02/13/2014: Don & Emily are back with Steven taking calls and answering an assortment of questions!
02/06/2014: Don & Emily are back with Steven to chat with lots of callers!
01/30/2014: Emily & Don have a super hard trivia question on today's show.
01/23/2014: Don & Hapy are joined by service technician, Steven from our SB store!
01/16/2014: Emily & Don are back for a hilarious show.
01/09/2014: Emily & Will are joined by Raul who is visiting from Annapolis.
01/02/2014: Don & Emily bring you the first show of the New Year!
12/26/2013: Don and Hapy join forces to chat about post Holiday topics!
12/19/2013: Don and Emily are back this week to talk Holiday promos and charitable giving.
12/12/2013: Will joins Emily to help answer questions and talk about all that techie stuff!
12/05/2013: Don is back from Key West and is joined by Emily to talk about the Holidays!
11/21/2013: Emily and Will are back to answer your questions!
11/14/2013: Emily and Will join forces for their very first show together!
11/06/2013: Emily and Don join Rebecca on her last episode of Small Dog Speaks :(
10/31/2013: Happppy Halloween! Join Rebecca and Don on this very spooooky episode!
10/24/2013: Rebecca and Hapy recap the announcements of the weeks Apple event.
10/17/2013: Rebecca and Emily talk about what they think will be announced next week at the Apple event!
10/10/2013: Rebecca and Hapy takes a ton of calls from all sorts of listeners!
10/03/2013: Don calls in from Key West and take a ton of calls!
09/26/2013: Don and Rebecca troubleshoot some bugs with iOS 7.
09/19/2013: Don and Rebecca talk about iOS 7 and all their favorite features.
09/12/2013: Don and Rebecca talk discuss the announcements from Apple's iPhone event!
09/05/2013: Don and Rebecca talk about fall, the upcoming iPhone event and sweet corn!
08/29/2013: Another episode this week featuring your questions and Lake Monster ticket giveaways!
08/22/2013: Don and Rebecca are back at it!
08/08/2013: Don has special guests Will Frascella & Dave from Seagate on the show to talk about hard drives!
08/01/2013: Don and Rebecca answer questions, give away Lake Monsters tickets and talk eWaste.
07/25/2013: Don and Rebecca loathe over the heat wave by naming their favorite summer snack shacks.
07/18/2013: Don and Rebecca talk about Spam and other email-related things.
07/11/2013: Don is back with Rebecca for this exciting edition with lots of callers answering lots of questions.
06/27/2013: Don's out on the links again, so Rebecca recruits our Waitsfield tech Chris B for this show.
06/20/2013: Don and Rebecca come up with a trivia question so hard it stumps all of our listeners.
06/13/2013: Don and Rebecca talk about all of the glorious things announced at this year's WWDC.
06/06/2013: Don and Rebecca talk about commonly used apps, possible topics for WWDC and take your calls.
05/30/2013: Don and Rebecca talk about the new financing plan from Apple, our eWaste event and Windows 8.
05/23/2013: Will and Mike D. join Don on the radio to talk about the rumors of Apple streaming music service.
05/16/2013: With ASMC in Philly Don is out but we have our very own Rob hosting with Rebecca this week.
05/09/2013: Don is out with Apple this week so Hapy and Rebecca steal the show this time.
04/25/2013: Don and Rebecca talk about the world's most expensive cup of coffee and get controversial with guns.
04/11/2013: Don and Rebecca are slammed with calls from our listeners this week.
03/21/2013: Kali and Michael D. sub in for Don and Rebecca and talk everything from baseball to Macs.
03/14/2013: Don and Rebecca talk about Higgs Bosen, Pi Day and the new VESA mount accessory.
03/07/2013: Don and Rebecca talk about our new Dr. Small Dog campaign, changing weather and Don's vacation.
02/28/2013: In Don's absence, Rebecca welcomes back Michael Duplessis from a long break with his newborn.
02/21/2013: This show was cancelled by WDEV. Check out next weeks show.
02/14/2013: Don, Hapy & Special guest Will Frascella aka Willy Fresh talk about what they think is hot in the market.
02/07/2013: Special guest Mike "Boots" Burl hangs out with Rebecca while Don is out celebrating his birthday.
01/31/2013: Don and Rebecca talk about the meaning behind sneezing salutations and Don's trip to Jamaica.
01/24/2013: Rebecca and special guest Matt Curran chat Apple all things Apple while Don is in sunny Jamaica.
01/17/2013: Don and Rebecca chat about Don's sightings at CES and the break-in at Small Dog HQ.
01/10/2013: Rebecca and special guest Matt Curran chat about the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas!
01/03/2013: Don and Rebecca chat about more new year predictions, the fiscal cliff and answer questions.
12/27/2012: Don and Rebecca chat about new year predictions and the current snow storm rocking VT.
12/20/2012: Don and Rebecca answer questions and talk about Apple.
12/13/2012: Don and Rebecca talk about renewable energy, gifts for holidays and answer you calls.
12/06/2012: Don and Rebecca talk about Internet Addiction Disorder, the new iMac at Small Dog and much more.
11/29/2012: Special Guest Jen Mayer help out and talks about all great holiday specials we have going on.
11/15/2012: Don and Hapy talk Apple.
11/08/2012: It's a surprise. Listen in to find out.
11/01/2012: Don, Rob Amon and Troy owner of the Village Grocer in Waitsfield talk about charities, Macs and more.
10/25/2012: Don and Hapy talk about the all the new products Apple announced on Tuesday.
10/18/2012: Kali and Mike cover this week and talk about the iPhone 5, Apple rumors, and the Lightning adapter.
10/11/2012: Rebecca and Kali (in for Don) answer listener's questions and dispel Apple rumors.
10/04/2012: Special Guest: Max A. from G-Tech, Storage solutions, Why you should backup, and more.
09/27/2012: Special Guest: Hapy, OS X Mountain Lion, MacBook Air vs. iPad, iOS 6 and more.
08/30/2012: Satellite Internet, Taxes, Classes, Getting Hacked, Google Docs.
08/23/2012: Health Care and Alternative Energy, Data Transfers, Failing Power Supplies, iPad Memory Sizes.
08/16/2012: Special Guest: Mike D., Syncing Documents with iCloud, Hard Drive Failure, Processor vs. RAM.
08/09/2012: Special Guest: Art Hendrickson, Lightning, Printers, Connecting to a TV, Water Damage.
08/02/2012: Parallels, iOS 6, Mountain Lions, iPad vs. Mac, PowerNap.
07/26/2012: Mountain Lion, Apple Financials, AirPlay Mirroring, FaceTime, Target Disk Mode.
07/19/2012: Mac tips and treats, Troubleshooting and advice, Fun with Don and Rebecca.
07/12/2012: Special Guest Kali Hilke, 3G vs. 4G, Computer "bugs", iOS backup, Calendars.
07/05/2012: Content is a mystery...listen and find out!
06/28/2012: eWaste, Future of Mac OS, Keep Your Photos, Burning DVDs, Spinning Wheel.
06/21/2012: Time Machine Backups, QuickBooks for Mac, Selling Online, Lost iPads.
06/14/2012: Special Guest Rob Amon, New Apple Products, Windows on a Mac, Laptop Batteries, Talking to Siri.
06/07/2012: iPad giveaway, All about AirPort, Random Hacks of Kindness.
05/24/2012: Accounting Software for Mac and iPad, Ergonomic Keyboards, Syncing your Computers and iDevices.
05/17/2012: Connecting to a Projector, Dell Problems, Moving Your iTunes Library.
05/10/2012: Special Guests Dawn D'Angellilo and Roy "Dr. Bark" Hadden, Lion Updates, Copy/Paste on iPad.
04/26/2012: Special Guest Mike D, Location Based Reminders, Clicking iPods, Windows on a Mac.
04/19/2012: Special Guests Dawn D'Angellilo and Adam Fricke, Flashback Trojan, Laptop Buying Tips.
03/29/2012: Special Guest Roy "Dr. Bark" Hadden, Virtual Memory, Transferring Photos, iPad Phone Calls.
03/15/2012: iPod Nano Problems, iPhone Battery Replacement, Printer Malfunctions.
03/08/2012: Special Guest Dawn D'Angellilo, eWaste events, Modifying Website Fonts, Time Machine.

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